The privacy of everyone whom visits the Tambra Studios site is very important and Tambra Wilcox promises to make every effort to honour and guard your privacy. Questions regarding the statement should be directed to Tambra. Because your privacy is so important, Tambra Studios operates by the following Rules of Conduct:

Rule 1
Any and all personal information received by Tambra Studios will not be divulged, shared, sold, or given to any outside source in any way that would reveal or specifically identify you without your prior consent (except that which may be required by law).
Rule 2
Tambra Studios reserves the right to use information it receives to collectively compile statistical data (traffic), show trends, conduct polls, et cetera, but will vigorously safeguard the privacy and identity of all respondents.
In Addition
All personal information collected and received by Tambra Studios is stored in a secure environment that is not available to the public.