Tambra Wilcox, Artist

I started out in the music business as the lead singer of a rock band and also managed a few rock bands. I write lyrics for songs. Life has thrown my way many blessings and many tears and I am now concentrating on growing as an artist. I am self taught. Growing up I could not draw at all...not even stick people. I started to draw around 2003-2004. I do not know why I started drawing but found that I now could draw. I believe that when my Dad passed away in 2001 that he somehow gave me the gift. He was an extremely talented and gifted artist/painter. That was his gift that he left to me. I thank God and my Dad for this gift every day. My specialty seems to be animals. I enjoy painting humorous scenes because I love making people happy. My son, Andrew is a true inspiration to me as well as my Mom and Sister. My family has always been close and through all of our difficult times we always are there for each other no matter what.

Please enjoy my art and God bless,